“If you came to such a place we are going to kill you…”: Cristián De la Fuente uncovered serious threats for supporting the Rejection in the Plebiscite

During this Friday night, Chilevisión will broadcast a new chapter of Podemos Hablar, where one of the guests will be Cristián De la Fuente.

And throughout the program, the actor will talk about the active role he had in the midst of the Rejection campaign, an option that was imposed last Sunday in the Plebiscite by a wide margin over Rejection.

De la Fuente raised his voice and, from the outset, revealed why he decided to support this alternative. “I think that 62% of this country wanted the same thing as me and it had to be communicated. The project was not what people wanted and when you have the opportunity to communicate it, you have to do it and I played it ”, he will reveal in the conversation space, according to Tiempo X.

And in that same sense, he referred to his happiness after the triumph that obtained his preference at the polls.

“It’s the same as running an Ironman, it’s tired, it’s a series of emotions that when you reach the end, you say this happened and all that anguish, those emotions decant, they go away and you start to cry, which is normal It’s not bad.”

The confession of Cristián de la Fuente

In addition, the actor will talk about the serious threats he received throughout the campaign. “There were a couple that I said could be true and I reported it and in the end luckily they were nothing. They told me on Instagram, through direct messages, that they were going to kill me. It was as if you came to such a place we are going to kill you, be careful, etc. ”, he indicated.

“When I gave my opinion and worked, I knew what I was getting into and I had to risk it because I had to work to avoid something that I think was not good for the country and today we have to work for something better, “he added. .

On the other hand, he also referred to the few celebrities and colleagues who managed the Rejection campaign.

“Not only actors, animators, comedians, artists in general because in this country if you were not with the option of approval they canceled you and made fun of you on social networks. That had economic, emotional, personal costs and many people did not want to assume those costs, “he concluded.

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