“If it was free, it was hu…”: Paty Maldonado reacts to Gaby Hernández’s statements after supporting the Approval

Patricia Maldonado and Catalina Pulido celebrated the triumph of Rejection in the recent exit plebiscite.

The drivers of The Untamed They analyzed the categorical result and, incidentally, admitted to being surprised.

In the middle of the online program, Pulido recalled his pessimism after seeing the massive turnout at the end of the campaign of approval.

“I was discouraged and said ‘once again they are going to put us…’, but many people went because it was a free Lollapalooza, but they are public resources. Do you think Francisca Valenzuela was free?” Cata asked Paty, who couldn’t help but laugh.

“Today I read my beloved Gaby Hernández, who said ‘no, I worked on the campaign for free’… Do you think I’m hue…? Nobody does anything for free, ”added the actress, pointing to the sayings of her colleague in The voice of the leftovers.

After listening to Pulido. Paty Maldonado ironically: “Now, if it was free, I swear…, because they sent the cuchufli to keep it anyway.”

The sayings of Gaby Hernandez

In dialogue with the aforementioned media, Gabriel Hernández affirmed that “there are people who tell me ‘of course, for a bonus of $400,000’. Lie, I have never been paid for anything! The comment that we actors do it for the money is yet another Rejection lie.”

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