“I would like to have them”: Holan defines his first two ‘signings’ for 2023

During this day, Ariel Holan spoke with the press from San Carlos de Apoquindo and referred to the growth that two young people trained at UC have had, but who today are on loan: Bruno Barticciotto (Palestinian) and Alexander Aravena (Ñublense).

“The two of them debuted with me in the process before. They are guys I have a lot of love for and I value them a lot in terms of sport. They have a great future.”started pointing out the attackers, who yesterday, in addition, added minutes in the victory of the Red Sub 23 over Peru.

Holan expects Barticciotto and Aravena to return to Las Condes after their loan spells. However, the DT clarified that this does not only depend on him. “The coach likes to have footballers with that projection, but it doesn’t depend only on me. There are institutional and personal decisions, but I would like to have them. It depends on an engineering that many times is not easy to amalgamate to achieve the coach’s desire, “said the 61-year-old Argentine strategist.

For now, Ariel Holan will continue to observe the progress of Bruno Barticciotto and Alexander Aravena. While the first adds four goals in nine games with Palestinothe second records nine conquests in 29 commitments with Ñublense.

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