“I will never forgive him…”: Raquel Argandoña attacked Kathy Salosny after reminding Felipe Camiroaga of mistakes

During the day this Friday, it was 11 years since the plane crash of Casa 212 in Juan Fernández, where 21 crew members died after crashing in the Archipelago. One of them was Felipe Camiroaga.

For the same reason, the “Hawk” became an obligatory theme in the different showbiz panels. In fact, this Thursday in the Star Zone they remembered a complex moment that he lived a couple of months before his death, when he was screwed up by a group of people at the Caupolicán Theater.

And in this context, one who raised her voice about that episode was Raquel Argandoña, who to this day blames Kathy Salosny, who shortly before had ceased to be Felipe’s partner in Good Morning Everyone.

“I will never forgive her that she made everyone believe that Felipe had been to blame for having taken her out of the morning because she was old. Felipe was screwed up in the Caupolicán and that was not true, ”la Quintrala revealed in the show space.

“It was not so”

Argandoña even revealed that “she sent messages to her journalist friends that Felipe had manipulated all this change because he loved Carola de Moras and that they had taken her out because she was old and that was not the case.”

“Felipe was screwed up by the entire Caupolicán, don’t forget that,” added the panelist, who argued that those responsible for the morning communicator’s departure was the production of “Good morning everyone.”

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