“I will never forget his look …”: Steffi Méndez recounted a violent episode that she lived with a former partner in the middle of a party

A crude confession will be what Steffi Méndez will do this Friday night, who will be one of the guests on the Chilevisión program We Can Talk.

In that instance, the actress will remember a complex episode that she had to face with a former boyfriend in the middle of a New Year’s reel in Viña del Mar.

“To make it clear I have never let someone lay a finger on me… my dad found out yesterday, I’m like shivering,” the influencer revealed in the first instance. And about it, she added: “This was a violent scenario, not that it was a violent relationship,” she added.

After cardboard, he was honest and told more details of what happened on that occasion.

“For a New Year we went to a massive party, in Viña. I don’t know if this person had problems with alcohol because he changed his personality when he started drinking, and there was a time when I went to the bathroom and it took me a long time, “he said about the situation that would have irritated his partner at the time.

The crude story of Steffi Méndez

In fact, he stated that when the subject returned, his behavior had totally changed.

“I will never forget his look, it was another look, and he tells me… where were you, I couldn’t say anything and he pushes me with all his strength, I fall, I hit my head on the floor, there were many people looking at me… I saw dark,” he added.

However, Steffi went further and said that after the serious episode, she was removed by her friends from the place.

“I stood up and I wanted to hit him. A friend grabs me by the waist and takes me out of the place. I had never experienced such a violent scenario, “she added.

“To this day I am embarrassed to say it. I’m not telling this to leave him bad, but I really hope he doesn’t do it to another woman, it was horrible, “Méndez concluded.

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