“I was surprised, since I found out through the media…”: Rocío Marengo recalled rumors of an alleged romance with JP Cretton

The Argentine model, Rocío Marengo, caught the attention of the media after referring to his estrangement with Pamela Díaz and remember the alleged rumor that romantically linked her to Jean Philippe Cretton.

Through a conversation with page 7the influencer referred to the controversy that she caused some time ago while she was recording Minuto para Ganar with the face of CHV, where rumors arose that the blonde and the animator of Podemos Hablar were more than friends, a topic that she constantly ruled out.

“I don’t know anything, actually I was surprised, since I found out from the media and journalists who called me and asked,” he told the media.

“Nothing to do, no possibility, I am very clear that within the codes that friendship has, you do not look at a friend’s boyfriend. I’m not interested, with the number of men there are, I would never look at a friend’s partner, “said Marengo, referring to his estrangement with La Fiera.

your estrangement

“I don’t know what happened to him, I’ll give him his time. I am calm, since I am a good friend and I know what I give for the friendship I have with her. If something happened to her, she and she will realize that it is not what she thinks, although the truth is that I do not know what happened to her, “said the trans-Andean woman.

“Obviously I would like to clarify things, I did not like that something was made public that we had not even talked about, but the truth is that I love her a lot,” she added, referring to the end of her friendship with La Fiera.

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