“I was second…”: Benjamín Vicuña’s football confession that was applauded by the Colocolinos and irritated the UC fans

A particular football confession was made by Benjamín Vicuña during the last days in Argentina, which caused talk on this side of the mountain range.

Just like that, because in the middle of an interview with the program “Dogs 2022″ from Radio Urbana Play of Argentina”, The actor played it and revealed how and what he became a fan of Colo Colo. This, despite the fact that his family, when he was a child, encouraged him for UC.

“I changed teams. First because I inherited a soccer team that was not mine: Universidad Católica. That team was, let’s say it, although the Chileans are going to kill me here, I was second. He always came second, as a kind of karma. I hope that this does not rise up in networks, because they put me in prison, ”said the Chilean actor based in Argentina.

And in that same line, he remembered the exact moment when he decided to jump to the front sidewalk. “A wonderful thing happened to me that I was watching on television when Colo Colo became Copa Libertadores champion in 1991 (…) 30 years ago I changed teams. Suddenly I saw myself jumping, screaming and I said that’s it, ”he uncapped.

As expected, the sayings of Benjamín Vicuña did not pass cool and generated various reactions in the cyber world, where he drew applause from the colocolinos and, incidentally, irritated the crossed fans.

“What’s wrong with Cato”, “well Benja, you do know”, “the best exchange option”, “the one who knows knows” and “poor guy” were some of the comments that could be read on the web .

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