“I was scared to death”: Mauricio Pesutic recounted the beginnings of his son Simón in the teleseries

Mauricio Pesutic spoke with Eduardo Fuentes in a new chapter of Goodnight everyone (TVN), instance in which he approached the beginnings in the career of one of his five offspring, Simón.

“At about 14 or 15 years old, he tells me ‘Dad, I want to be an actor,'” recalled the experienced performer, who has been part of melodramas such as Stupid Cupid, Sucupira Y coven.

“I was afraid because if I didn’t have the ability or talent for that, what would you do?” he said, especially “because he was very convinced.” In short, the father “was very scared.”

At the insistence of the then-teenager, Mauricio asked María Eugenia “Quena” Rencoret, director and producer of teleseries, who was at TVN at the time, to see the option for her son to appear before the camera.

The great moment

“He came to do a test, he came here”, to the public channel, he told about his son, “with Sigrid (Alegría) and Alejandra Fosalba”. Later, the father asked Rencoret if he had seen those recordings, and she replied that he had not, but that they could see them together.

“I was scared to death; I was in her office, she, the monitor and I further back, ”she assured.

While the father only wondered what would happen if the test had not turned out well, finally “we were both very surprised,” he declared, revealing the good impression that was left.

Simón did not study theater. “I know of very few cases,” commented Mauricio, who are Carolina Arregui, Jorge Zabaleta and his own offspring, who at the time applied to the University of Chile, and stayed.

However, in 2012, he was called to Poor rich (TVN), then to mommy tuft (Channel 13), from there to drifting dad (Mega)… “And he continued to act until today,” he closed.

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