“I was not on a very good footing”: Cecilia Gutiérrez revealed the reaction of TVN by video of Mauricio Pinilla with a well-known escort

The video of Mauricio Pinilla with the well-known escort Natthy Chilena from this Monday night continues to be talked about. The entertainment journalist Cecilia Gutiérrez made a live broadcast to explain what had happened.

The panelist from Star Zone then revealed what was the reaction of TVN, the channel where the former soccer player is currently working. Pinilla hosts the Good Weekend program with Karen Doggenweiler and has become the new face of the television house.

“In TVN, you know that he was not on a very good footing. They had already made two calls to order. One at the beginning of the year, when their separation began to be known. That he was not involved in celebrity scandals and that he tried to be as low-profile as possible, “explained the journalist.

He also recalled that “later he had another impasse with the issue that he publicly supported the Rejection.”

“He is free to do so, but because it is the state channel, the idea is that it be more neutral or have a little more fun with his political option. Thing did not catch much either, because later he uploaded a video celebrating the triumph of Rejection. So he didn’t care, “said Cecilia with a laugh.

“It was not a topic”

The journalist then revealed that the former soccer player had the same reaction to the leaking of his videos with Natthy Chilena. “He doesn’t care about me at all,” he assured.

“On TVN they didn’t tell him anything. It was not a topic. They told him that he had not called attention to himself and he was at the stop of ‘that they come to bother me because I am going to send them to the… it is my private life, I do what I want and when I want,’ “said the panelist.

“They told me that he was dying of laughter. (…) For the people who asked me if they were going to kick him out, I tell them that nothing happened, at least for now, ”he added.

However, the journalist stressed that “it does not mean that TVN does not look at it with concern.”

“And suddenly they backtrack on the projects they had with him, because they had several. The truth is that on TVN they want to promote him for a long time as an animator, as a main figure, ”he explained.

Finally, he concluded that “these things may be that they take a step back or put a foot on the brake in all the projects that TVN has with him.”

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