“I was going to quit almost every day”: Laura Prieto revealed the bad work experience she had at El Club de la Comedia

This Friday a new chapter of I Late Prime with Rodrigo Herrera as guest. One of the topics they talked about on the panel was bad work experiences.

It was in this context that Laura Prieto recalled her criticized passage through Comedy clubwhere he revealed that he did not have a very good time since the atmosphere was not the best.

“One that marked me a lot was when I was in Comedy clubbut I think that after the years, looking at it and analyzing the situation, I feel that I arrived at an environment that was already chopped, “said the Uruguayan model at the beginning.

He also explained that “they had a conflict, so it happened that those of us who arrived felt very uncomfortable (…) and there was a lot of commotion.”

“I had to carry the stigma of being a ‘girl yingo‘, of being a girl who came from youth programs, who hung out with a person who was well known and nobody knew that I had studied theater, that I was related to the world of comedy, that I had done stand up, “confessed Laura.

Along the same lines, he added that “there was a lot of bullying when I was on screen and that also caused a lot of ratings, so since it also caused a lot of ratings, it was the workhorse. I was exposed.”

The influencer also confessed that “I was going to quit almost every day, but it was also an experience that helped me a lot to deal with difficult work situations.”

Finally, Laura assured the panel that, beyond the problems that were behind the scenes because of the problems that they had, she got along well with her former teammates.

“I have a very good relationship with them until today, but the problem wasn’t me, it was between them and I see that today they managed to overcome it. But for me it was very difficult”, he concluded.

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