“I wanted to cry” and “I had a hard time sleeping”: Diana Bolocco recounted her most difficult days in Mucho Gusto

In the debut of Eduardo Fuentes’ night program, Goodnight everyone (TVN), the first guest was Diana Bolocco, who confessed about her intimate and professional life.

The TV presenter, who currently is back in the Nice to meet you while José Antonio Neme rides Londonwent back to the months he lived in the morning after the onslaught of the coronavirus in March 2020.

“It was a period of great uncertainty, a lot of fear, because it seemed that everything was decanting,” he recalled, according to Page 7. “None of us had lived, with the fear of contagion, with the super strange feeling.”

While many people on the channel had to telework, “a lot of programs stopped broadcasting for obvious reasons, but we were working like every day,” he said, while “nobody knew what was going to happen,” even the doctors who “tried to explain it, but no one had the answer.

“We gave a lot of bad news for a long time,” he continued, emphasizing the daily reports of infections and deaths. “I wasn’t aware at the time, but I felt it later,” she said.

“I wanted to cry”

It got to a point where “I had a hard time sleeping and it started to take its toll on my body.” since “I began to feel a lot of anguish because, of course, fortunately in my family and close environment I did not have any loss; no one died, but see the pain in close people; and also report that every day, it pays you the bill”.

“For the first time in my life I felt what was a little anguish,” he declared, so “I had trouble sleeping, I was in a state of constant wakefulness, and that takes its toll on your body.” However, in those days, “I was not aware, I was like a machine; but I saw it later and I see myself in photos from that time, and I feel super different”.

“I don’t know what it was, I don’t know how to put it into words, but it was the feeling of not wanting to be there giving bad news,” he concluded. “I wanted to cry.”

However, in his balance, he also had laudatory words for his partner Soledad Onetto, with whom he had to work “in the harshest time of the pandemic, and I thank her a lot because she was a wonderful partner.”

Looking back, he thinks: “How heavy, how difficult, but also what a privilege to have been on that information line for all that time”-

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