“I want to leave this life as a mother”: Rocío Marengo broke down by revealing her great sorrow in Podemos Hablar

This Friday a new chapter of We can talk conducted by Jean Philippe Cretton. Rocío Marengo broke down in the program by confessing what her “great sorrow” was.

The conversation began when the driver asked the guests to put themselves at the point who live with a sorrow that makes them difficult to carry on a day-to-day basis. So the trans-Andean model stood up and gave details of the pregnancy that did not prosper this year.

“This year I tried to be a mother, I am already 42 years old and the result was negative, it was not possible, everything did not go as I expected and it was very hard, I was very excited,” Rocío revealed at the beginning.

Along the same lines, she explained that “I did in vitro fertilization, I bought sperm and I wanted to be a single mother, I am already old, I worked a lot, and I want to be a mother, I do not have a partner to look for it in pairs and well, I did the treatment”.

“It didn’t go well and it hurt a lot, it’s very recent,” she added, noting that as soon as she found out she hadn’t gotten pregnant, the proposal to join Chef’s Disciple.

“I want to be a mom”

Likewise, he confessed that it is a process that will continue, pointing out that he will try again in the same way.

“I want to be a mother, I know it will be difficult for me because I did not expect to find results as I did, but today there are many ways to be a mother, she did not rule anything out,” she assured.

After this, Rocío broke down by continuing to talk about the complex experience she experienced. “Obviously it hurts, because it wasn’t in my plans, I felt that maybe my life was going to be different, but…”, the model confessed very excited.

“I feel that I want to leave this life as a mother and I am going to achieve it,” Rocío concluded.

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