“I thought that the welcome…”: José Luis Repenning’s unexpected “claim” to Priscilla Vargas after her first day on Channel 13

During the morning of this Tuesday, José Luis Repenning surprised viewers after dropping in without prior notice on T13 AM, a space hosted by Polo Ramírez and Natalia López.

The journalist, who recently confirmed his arrival at Channel 13 after resigning from Mega, was received by the aforementioned journalists in the morning news section.

“I’ve reached a milestone, it’s a very important jump so I’m very happy and with high expectations,” said “Repe” in his first minutes on screen.

Even Polo was encouraged to throw the size with his friendship with Priscilla Vargas, with whom he will meet again in his new television house.

“I know a person who can give you a very good tour of the canal,” Ramírez joked, clearly alluding to “Pri.” “Who?” Mega’s former face asked back.

“No, I’m going to introduce her to you. I think you already have his phone”, Polo put it on the swing again.

“I think you already know her,” Natalia López added with a laugh.

“It’s going to be a very good tour, showing you the studios, the facilities of Channel 13”, insisted the host of the space.

Later, through social networks, it was Priscilla herself who welcomed him to the channel. “You finally made it to 13, Repe,” she excitedly wrote to him on Instagram.

However, he never expected the unexpected “claim” that the communicator would throw back at him.

“I thought that you were welcoming me”, he limited along with some emojis with a sad face.

Repe’s “claim”

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