“I think they could get me fired”: Roberto Cox’s confession that surprised JC Rodríguez

After confirming the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the journalist Roberto Cox traveled to Europe to follow every detail of your farewell.

This Tuesday, in the middle of his office to with you in the morningthe communicator reported the high prices that tourists who come to the English capital must pay to experience this historic moment up close.

“If you decide to travel to London at the last minute, the ticket is going to be quite expensive, but prices have also risen by up to 400 percent,” Cox explained.

Then, he recalled that “London is one of the most expensive cities in the world. We are shocked at the prices. In a hamburger, with a drink and fries, we spent 45 thousand pesos. London is very expensive and even more so with this high season. Airport price, but Londoners are used to it.”

After listening to the reporter, Julio César Rodríguez only had to ask the million dollar question: “Was the hamburger good or not?”

“The burger was normal. Rich, but… actually, it was a restaurant. If we had gone to a capable fast food place, it would have been cheaper for us”, recognized the special envoy of CHV.

Be sincere

Intrigued by Cox’s story, JC asked him about other menu offerings: “Did you order a hamburger and fries because you liked it, or was the meat priceless?”

“Do you want me to tell you the truth, Julius Caesar? A good meat dish with some accompaniment costs between 30 and 40 pounds sterling, that is, 40,000 pesos per dish,” the journalist replied.

Finally, Roberto Cox indicated that “if, in one more week, I return to the channel, I have to pay the expenses and if it happens that I ate a dish for 40 lucas, I think they could fire me, that’s why I ate a hamburger with a drink.”

“Let there be no doubt,” the driver replied as a joke.

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