“I think he has plenty of videos…”: Sergio Rojas revealed new details of the meeting between Mauricio Pinilla and a well-known Chilean escort

The entertainment journalist, Sergio Rojas surprised after referring to the controversy between the former soccer player and the face of TV, Mauricio Pinilla and his night with the escort Natthy Chilena.

In the most recent chapter of “Que te lo Digo”, the Me Late panelist addressed the issue together with Paula Escobar, assuring that there would be intimate videos of the meeting between the face of TVN and the creator of adult content, stating that Pinilla would have “threatened” the young woman so that she would not leak more things about that night.

The journalist Paula Escobar assured that the former athlete reacted on the TV station stating that he should not give explanations about his private life, however Sergio Rojas detailed a change of attitude on the face of TV as a result of some unknown records.

“Natthy Chilena began to say that she had some videos with Mauricio from a long time ago, not only from now, because it seems that they were recorded on the spot… I don’t know if later to see each other, you know that there are people who like to look at each other afterwards”, Rojas pointed out.

“I think Natthy Chilena has had enough videos of Mauricio, doing things, posing… At some point she told her friends and Mauricio found out and would have threatened her and told her that if she continued with this, if she showed something, she would to file a trial,” said the journalist.


“A long time ago, he did the addresses, even when Pinilla was ‘enmarried,'” added Sergio Rojas, generating various reactions, while the young escort has given some details of the meeting on her social networks.

“Ask me what you want to know!!! I will say everything, not even there ”, the young woman would have written in her stories, solving doubts from users who asked her about Mauricio Pinilla, according to the site. doublessharing pictures of the event.

Watch the show and the young woman’s responses below:

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