“I screwed up with half Argentina and with half Europe…”: they expose former figure of the Albiceleste

Fernando Gago, once a holding midfielder who stood out for his ability in teams such as Boca Juniors, Real Madrid and the Argentine national team, today the coach of Racing Club, has been in the news for a few hours, but for reasons unrelated to the field of play.

It happens that his ex-girlfriend, Mica Vázquez, granted an interview with the program We can talkand revealed some details of their frustrated relationship:

“It is difficult to be with a footballer. Luckily at that time there was no Instagram, but what would have been. Because yes, double relationships, infidelities. I was completely in love with him ”, the actress confessed from the outset, that she went to live in Spain with the player in 2006, when she signed for the merengues.

Then he shot with brutal honesty the reasons for his boisterous breakup: “Because he screwed me up with half of Argentina and half of Europe!”

Later, yes, he clarified that “the important thing about this is that I never held a grudge against him.”

What’s more, Vázquez pointed out that “I’ve always tried to justify it, and to understand the head of a 20-year-old boy who, from living in a quiet neighborhood, even humble, ends up shouting at you ‘Gago!’ a whole field, go to a nightclub and have them bring you to all the mines you want, have money for whatever you want”.

Finally, he acknowledged that he also did his thing as a revenge:

“I was faithful until a moment when we were half a while, we were not separated, and I said ‘I have to take revenge’. It was more revenge than anything else and I think I chased a kid, nothing more. Well, maybe something else…”

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