“I never confessed it, but I was afraid…”: Eduardo Fuentes and Diana Bolocco revealed a shocking warning in the midst of coverage on Channel 13

Last Monday, Diana Bolocco was the star guest at the first chapter of Good night everyone, a new conversation space led by Eduardo Fuentes.

And in the middle of the talk, a particular confession emerged that they both made, which is related to the times when they both worked on Channel 13.

According to what they said, the particular event occurred in 2009, when they were in charge of the remembered show program Red Carpet. In fact, they had to make a special in prime time dedicated to the departure of the King of Pop.

Of course, during that day they received an unexpected warning from a group of singer followers.


“The Michael Jackson fan club came to this special program,” said Mega’s face. Immediately afterwards, Eduardo Fuentes dismissed the “warning” that was made to him before going on the air.

“We are walking down the hall towards the studio and a man approaches us and tells us: ‘Hey, you two, be careful not to mention the children and be careful not to say that he was addicted to tranquilizers,'” the journalist said.

“I never confessed it, but I was afraid,” the communicator was honest about the curious episode he faced with his partner in those years.

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