“I haven’t been well…”: Paola Troncoso worried after revealing that she is facing a complex state of health

The actress Paola Troncoso worried her followers after revealing on her social networks that she faces hard days as a result of her illness.

Through her Instagram account, the former MCC published a photo between tears giving details of her complex state of health as a result of the fibromyalgia she suffers.

“This is the worst photo I post, but it is my current reality and I want to share it because I feel it is necessary. Since the weekend I have not been in good health, many know about my fibromyalgia issue that thank God I have controlled it quite well, but now there is surgery and very high hypertension problems that have complicated me, “he said.

“Many know that I control fibromyalgia only with meditation and spiritual and personal knowledge. The problem is that knowing very well what changes I must make to be healthy and really happy, it is so hard for me to make decisions sometimes, but since life is wise and loves you, then it makes you sick again until you understand that you must do it now, “he said. Paola Troncoso.

“I thank my body for every pain”

“The good thing is that sometimes our higher self, who loves us so much, knowing how difficult it is for us to change, makes us live in such uncomfortable, painful and unfair situations that force us to leave that zone. I thank my body for every pain and illness because it makes me aware of what I must strengthen, leave behind, or begin to do to continue growing in my evolution and opening of full and happy consciousness”, he reflected.

“I hope that we all have the opportunity to understand why we get sick and what we must heal or start from our lives to do so. I hope it makes sense to you and take care of yourselves, “said the actress.

“Remember that the only person in the world who will be with you until the last day of your life is you. Thanks to all my friends who have written to me, worried about me and but I am not always able to respond, ”she added, receiving messages of support.

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