“I have tried everything…”: the drama that complicates Helhue Sukni and that generated a deep relief

Social network users know that almost every day Helhue Sukni uploads a video to share with his followers in the cyber world. In them, she tells them how she goes about her day to day, whether with positive or negative situations.

In fact, this Monday she uploaded a video where she referred to her constant efforts to lose weight, which even led her to change some of her eating habits.

“I am considerably and substantially thin… no, lie. In black, all the hue… look skinny,” she teased at the start as she showed off her outfit.

After cardboard, he raised his voice and unburdened himself with deep reflection.

“I discovered how people lose weight, do you know how human beings lose weight? Gymnastics helps, but not as much; The massages help, but not so much… Closing your mouth, hue…! Shit… from hunger, it’s the only possibility”, she warned.

Helhue’s confession

And along the same lines, he added: “I have tried everything and there is no other possibility. Neither a nutritionist, nor a nutritionist. Lie!” Even, he again stressed that the only way to lose extra pounds is “cag … from hunger.”

But that’s not all, because he also told some details related to his diet as a recommendation.

“I drink Livean juice, but I drink half the juice and add water to the other, so that it keeps losing weight, it’s the only way. Also, I drink champagne, because I don’t drink any type of drink, other than pure champagne and I drink on Fridays and Saturdays; but not every Saturday Aunt Helhue comes out, ”she said.

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