“I hate this”: King Charles was angry after making a mistake when signing a document and staining himself with ink

During his first week with the crown, King Charles III of Great Britain has been the focus of the cameras during each of the protocol events in which he has participated. Hence it is not surprising that his mistakes come to light immediately.

Hence, a video has now begun to go viral in which the monarch’s frustration is seen after staining himself with ink and making a mistake with a date.

As part of the tour carried out by the mourning generated after the death of Queen Elizabeth, the monarch signed a document in Northern Ireland. In this context, he sought to ratify that this Tuesday is September 12. Upon being rectified, he realizes that it is actually September 13 and he signed on the wrong day. “Oh God, I got the date wrong,” he says.

“I hate this (…) I can’t stand this damn thing, what they do, every stinky time,” he later exclaimed, realizing that he had stained himself with ink.

You can see the video below.

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