“I don’t want to talk, I don’t care…”: the furious reaction of the participant after being nominated in El Discípulo del Chef

A tense moment broke out in this Tuesday’s chapter of The Chef’s Disciple, where a new participant was nominated for probable elimination.

But let’s go part. On this occasion, the teams had to show off with their dishes that had Turkish food as a great slogan.

And despite the fact that everyone had some complications at the time of preparation, the groups finally managed to finish them.

Of course, after the evaluations, it was determined that the big loser of the night was the blue team led by Carolina Bazán.

For the same reason, China had to make the decision to choose one of its pupils as a nominee for eventual elimination from the culinary program.

Giovanni’s anger

And in that sense, the chef threw Giovanni Cárdenas into the fight, who apparently did not take the situation in the best way. Just like that, because although he said that he was calm in the first instance, he later let off steam in the confessional.

“No, not disappointed, because being disappointed is because of something you did wrong, but if you didn’t do something wrong, nothing to say. I don’t want to talk about this one, I don’t care. “She will know why she makes the decision. She is the chef, we are the disciples, closed the participant.

“I’m wrong, I hope that deep down it’s for Giovanni to show everything he still has to show us,” Bazán defended himself.

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