“I don’t remember…”: Pablo Mackenna lends Copano clothes after Feito said about scripts for CQC

After being mentioned by Gonzalo Feito, his former colleague from CQC, Pablo Mackenna put the spoon in the hard crossover starring the host of Sin Filters and the comedian Fabrizio Copano.

Last night, Feito took a couple of minutes on the screen to attack the comedian. After a tweet that crossed him, the communicator pointed to the chistologist and remembered his beginnings.

“The truth is, I think that we failed Copanito as a society. And I want to include myself, because Copanito with his brother, with Nicolás… They went to Chucre Manzur every afternoon, when we did CQC, and his mother, whom I greet with affection, and his father, were going to leave him afterwards from school and he came with his scripts,” he said.

In addition, he revealed that “this is true, there was Nicolás (Larraín), Felipe (Bianchi), Pablo (Mackenna), we were all there, and he came with his scripts so that we could say them on the show. And the truth is, I wanted to say the scripts (…) The scripts were not good, they were very bad, but I wanted to give it a chance”.

Aware of these sayings on TV, Copano responded via Twitter.

“Great argument. Trivia fact: We stopped sending scripts to “Gonzalito” when they told us that his manager was Pablo Zalaquett. Yes, ‘Gonzalito’ in CQC pretended to put politicians in check and his manager was a UDI politician. What beautiful memories,” wrote the comedian.

Mackenna’s clarification

For his part, Pablo Mackenna also had something to contribute regarding the Copano brothers.

“I don’t remember the scripts. I remember the work they did do, professionally week after week, reviewing all the Chilean television programs to give us the material of the Top Five and Great Thinkers being a beardless one. Pride for them,” he wrote.

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