“I don’t feel alone anymore…”: Priscilla Vargas shared a special tour on Channel 13 with José Luis Repenning

The animator Priscilla Vargas surprised after welcoming José Luis Repenning who officially joined Channel 13 this week.

After the former face of Mega appeared on different programs to announce his debut on the channel where he was teased by Polo Ramírez and He even complained to Priscilla Vargas for not welcoming him to the venuethe friends posted records together touring the station.

“My first day is like my first week, because they have taken the juice out of me,” said the journalist who was walking along the canal with his colleague. “I want to tell you something, that there is someone who has revolutionized Channel 13,” Vargas said with a laugh.

“Oh, nothing to see, it’s not so bad. I put color on it. But they have been very affectionate,” said Repenning while some workers took photos of him. “They have taken more photos of me than a zoo lion, but I am very happy, motivated,” he added, revealing that he met Don Francisco.

“Like he gave us a blessing. We have to learn from the best,” said Priscilla Vargas, introducing workers to the journalist. “I no longer feel alone,” she added, revealing her emotion after her arrival on the channel.

Look the following video:

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