“I didn’t finish for lack of love…”: Kika Silva confirmed the breakup of her relationship with Timothy Burton in the United States

Kika Silva confirmed the break of their relationship in the United States. The model and influencer is based in Los Angeles and revealed that she ended her romance with Timothy Burton.

The former queen of the Viña del Mar Festival spoke with the sarah magazine about his present in the North American country, focused on his studies of holistic nutrition. It was in that context that she confessed that she is single again.

“I just ended my relationship, in fact, it is something that I have not commented on despite the fact that they ask me about it a lot on social networks, also because of a major health issue. It is something that has not been easy, it has touched me as an apprenticeship … ”, he revealed to the magazine.

He also explained that “it is a very complicated issue, I did not finish due to lack of love.”

Timothy Burton and Kika Silva
Timothy Burton and Kika Silva

“There is a health issue involved, and that is what excites me more than ending, because I have a very nice relationship with him, I can call him, I can see him, I can talk to him without a problem,” the influencer confessed.

Of course, she did not want to delve into the problems that led her to end her relationship with Burton.

“There is a health issue involved, so it has not been easy and I do not count it for protecting him and for not exposing his life, so it is something complicated,” Silva assured.

Despite everything, Kika assured that “I’m super good, happy. I have always believed that everything happens to us for a reason, and on a day-to-day basis we always have obstacles, but it is always for a reason, and it is good to be clear that they are overcome”.

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