“I couldn’t take it anymore…”: Gabriel Arias lost his place with obscene gestures, was expelled and ended up in the police station

Racing Club beat Platense by the minimum at home and got back into the fight for the Argentine championship. But not everything was happiness for the Chileans, because Gabriel Arias, La Academia’s main goalkeeper and recently nominated by “Toto” Berizzo for the friendlies against Morocco and Qatar, was involved in an incident after the match ended.

It was then that the meta celebrated the victory by pointing directly at the “Squid” fans who were right behind him. The issue is that he did it by dedicating obscene gestures to them, of a sexual nature, which is why the rival players approached him to rebuke him.

Faced with this, the match referee decided to expel him, and Arias, still out of control, had to leave the court escorted by his teammates and part of Fernando Gago’s coaching staff.

Later, the national goalkeeper explained the reason for his reaction: “They attacked me throughout the game, they were very hurtful. The limits are exceeded and I couldn’t take it anymore.”

“The gestures were directed at four people, not at all. They were constantly insulting my family, ”she closed.

Arias even had to go to the Vicente López police station to testify for his actions. Platense fans, on the other hand, run the risk of suffering a harsh sanction for xenophobic insults: they would have shouted “Chilean son of a bitch…” throughout the match.

Look here what happened:

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