“I behaved badly”: Fran García-Huidobro is honest about his courtship with Cristián de la Fuente

In a new chapter of from you to you (Channel 13), which will be broadcast on Sunday, September 11, the guest was Fran García Huidobro.

As usual, the formerForeground (CHV) will make a long review of his personal and professional history, going through the period in which he entered television, 1997, when he began with the television series on Channel 13.

“I went on TV and right away I started to hang out with Cristián de la Fuente, for about four years,” he said. Both met in the recordings of the melodrama Lunar eclipse.

She, from the outset, was not struck by her colleague, as she told several years ago on the program Come with me. Instead, he was crushed from the start: “I liked it from the beginning and I had to have a little patience,” he said.

“We were young, he went to the United States,” she now recounted in conversation with Martín Cárcamo. “Distance relationships are complicated, I behaved badly and I have paid for it with a vengeance”.

In March 2021, the actress commented that, when her boyfriend at that time began recording in gringo lands, “he came to Chile they sucked his legs, from Cristián Campos down, and then when he left, they said ‘he has not won to nobody'”. Then, she concluded: “Cristian de la Fuente has achieved much more than all those who fight him have achieved in their lives.”

Also, in from you to youthe communicator spoke of her courtship with Jorge Zabaleta: “I had a blast with him, and I think that in the end that’s what happened to us, that we were more friends than boyfriends.”

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