“I am not the witch of Julio’s life”: Fran García-Huidobro responded to comments about his relationship with JC Rodríguez

Fran García-Huidobro was the new interviewee of the Martín Cárcamo program, from you to you. There, the Iron Lady talked about her old love relationships and especially the romance she had with Julio César Rodríguez.

During the conversation, the closeness that the ex-partner maintains was evident, where she assured that “I love him.”

It was in this context that in the program I beat contacted the ex Foreground and they asked her about her relationship with her ex-partner, with whom she is still linked despite having ended more than 15 years ago.

“I have a son with him. I understand it as a commitment for life, and that is why when I say ‘I love him’ and it is out of context, I say please understand that I love him as I love my mother, as I love my brothers. I do not love him as a man or a couple, ”she answered bluntly.

I beat
I beat

Likewise, he pointed out that “if you ask me if I am going to have to relate to him all my life, the answer is yes.”

So Andrés stressed that there was still that “morbidity” of seeing them together, to which Fran blurted out that “that’s why we were quite clear in specifying that we separated 16 years ago.”

“It’s like I’m the ghost”

After this, Fran then addressed those who speculate on the relationship between the cheerleader and Julius Caesar.

“I want to make a very constructive criticism that is like I am the ghost in Julio’s life, because of the girlfriends he has and that I am always up there… you have never wondered what it has meant to my ex-partners the ghost of Julio”, he explained.

Along the same lines, he assured that “I am not the witch of Julio’s life, I am simply the mother of Joaquín Rodríguez. We share a child and we have voluntarily decided to get along, love each other.

Fran pointed out that they admire each other at work, adding that they still argue or have disagreements regarding their son. “But in short, we love each other very much, we chose each other, as Julio said to be together for life,” she assured.

“What I do feel is that it always kills me and it’s not like that,” Fran said.

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