“I am going to show you something that no one has seen”: Raquel Argandoña opened the doors of her luxurious home in La Divina Comida

In a new chapter of the divine food (CHV), the guests were Leo Rey, Patricio Sotomayor, Dindi Jane and Raquel Argandoña, who a few months ago had been reluctant to participate. But she changed her mind.

“La Quintrala” was the first to play hostess in her apartment. First, in the hall, she showed off a vase: “I don’t have a husband inside the house, but my house is always full of flowers,” she said.

Then, he went to the dining room, which sported a crystal chandelier. The table had already been set since 6 in the morning. “Because once I had guests, I crashed, I had to go to the police station and the whole story,” she recounted. “And since that time I set the table first.”

That’s where the living room looked like “when I’m alone or with Félix (Ureta) we have lunch and we eat here,” she said. In that sector she always has some candles lit “for bad energies”.

Then he launched: “I’m going to show you something that no one has seen: my bedroom.” There, on a wall, she had different photos with his sons Kel and Nano, with his partner, Félix, his sister and his mother.

He paid special attention to a portrait of his mother: “That’s how she was the day before she left,” he said. “It excites me because it is my life; plus she left so cute.”

Finally, he showed the large number of shoes he has and the different outfits for the different days of the week. “I live alone and the apartment is too small for me,” she concluded.

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