“I always said I was stupid and a jerk”: Raquel Argandoña’s acid criticism of Mauricio Pinilla for controversial reel

Mauricio Pinilla’s reel and the escort Natthy Chilena were the subject of conversation on the entertainment program, Star Zone. The panelist Raquel Argandoña lashed out without a filter against the face of TVN for what happened.

This Monday night the influencer shared in her stories some records accompanied by the driver of Have a good weekend in his apartment. “With rich mijito”, she wrote next to the images.

In the Zona de Estrellas program they talked about the subject, where the Quintrala catalog of “spicy” the controversy of the former soccer player with the young woman who some time ago starred in another controversy by being linked to Luis Jara.

“I can’t believe that this spectacular man has given her an Uber, given her money and invited her to his house when there are several who would go for free,” said Adriana Barrientos, according to what was reported. look what he did.

“So spicy!”

It was then that Raquel gave her unfiltered opinion about the former soccer player, whom he has already criticized in the past for the comparisons he has received with Felipe Camiroaga.

“That’s why I always said that he was stupid and a jerk, always… moreover, they compared him to Felipe Camiroaga, I said ‘why?’ There you have it, more fool on top. How spicy!” Raquel assured.

He also added that “I think he has low self-esteem because paying a woman to spend one night with him… must be very bad.”

“It must be a product of the separation because I understand that, it seems, there was some remote possibility of returning to his wife (Gissella Gallardo)”, assured the mother of Kel and Nano Calderón.

“Isn’t he ashamed of these images that this girl uploaded?” Criticized Raquel.

After the stories uploaded by Natthy Chilena went viral, the young man assured that the images were old and that they were just friends. On your side, Mauricio Pinilla pointed to Luis Sandoval from I beat that “I am not going to refer to that ridiculousness”.

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