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Today PlayStation fans can now access the long-awaited remake of The Last of Us Part 1. The beloved title, based on a post-pandemic world, brings notable improvements that posed significant challenges for Naughty Dog to improve a title that for many was already unbeatable.

If you were given the opportunity to improve something that many consider perfect, how would you do it? That’s the question Naughty Dog had to answer when recreating the PlayStation 3 classic, The Last of Us. This possibility presented the popular developer with one of his most complex challenges to date: incorporating the sum of all the creative enhancements he’s learned in his nearly 40-year career as a developer. With the level of expectations, both inside and outside naughty dogthe team prepared to do their thing: exceed expectations.

This is how the different studio teams detailed the changes that will be experienced in the game, with a detailed look at its development, including combat animations, lighting, sound and more. But today, as the game launches around the world, members of all teams reflect on how they decided to answer that question and what that personally meant to them as creators.

To know his reflections and the main changes that can already be seen in the remake of The Last of Us Part 1, we invite you to enter the PlayStation Blog where you will find the details that today bring this iconic title back to a new generation of hardware.

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