how is the revolutionary emergency function that can save your life in an accident


The shock detection system is also included in the new Apple Watch.

The iPhone 14 includes a function that can save a life in a accident. Thanks to the system shock detectionthe latest version of the Apple cell phone -also the new watches Apple Watch Series 8, Ultra and SE- can recognize if its owner was involved in a road incident and even notify the emergency services.

The function, when detecting a serious car accident, connects with the emergency services and provides the user’s locationand then notify the person’s emergency contacts.

iPhone 14: how Apple’s shock detection system works

In the event of an accident, the phone asks for confirmation before sending the alarm.

In the event of an accident, the phone asks for confirmation before sending the alarm.

To recognize these incidents, Apple developed an advanced algorithm that connects with the dual core accelerometer of the new iPhone (to measure 256 G of force) and a new “high-range” dynamic gyroscope.

These two sensors work in conjunction with a barometer, a microphone that can recognize extremely loud noises (like a crash), and a GPS unit that can detect sudden changes in speed.

When all its sensors detect a situation that can be interpreted as a traffic accident, the iPhone will go into alarm mode and will ask the user to confirm if he has just suffered an accident in the coordinates where he is located.

In this situation, and in the event of a failure to interpret the device, the user has no choice but to turn off the notice as if it were a scheduled alarm.

Otherwise, not having the ability to turn off the alarmthe iPhone will interpret that the user had a mishap and will contact the emergency servicesto whom it will provide the location where the potential accident was detected.

To prevent false alarms, Apple developed advanced motion algorithms through frontal collision tests, rear, lateral and with overturning. They were tested over a million hours of driving and real-world crash data.

SOS via satellite, another new feature of the iPhone 14

How to connect to a satellite via iPhone 14.

How to connect to a satellite via iPhone 14.

Another option that can save a person’s life is the one that integrates a emergency communication system which is linked with satellite connection.

Satellite calls have been around for a few years, but to connect to a satellite you need a fairly large antenna, which logically no one can carry in their pocket.

For your new Satellite Emergency Service, called sos emergencyApple has designed new hardware and specialized software that enables a direct connection between the iPhone and a satellite that continuously orbits the Earth.

This new system, similar to the one advanced a few days ago by Elon Muskfor your company star link It allows you to send help requests in less than 15 seconds and will be free for iPhone 14 users for two years.

Connecting to a satellite without an antenna has its limitations. It is necessary for the iPhone 14 to have a direct orientation with the satellite, which means that it will have to be under an open sky, or take the mobile out of the window, inside a building for the mobile to contact the satellite.


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