“He wanted to come but…”: the reason why Jorge Gajardo had to be replaced by Mónica Carrasco in La Divina Comida

This Saturday a new chapter of La Divina Comida was broadcast that featured Matías Oviedo, Helia Molina, Mónica Illanes and Jorge Gajardo.

When it was the turn of the former minister to receive the guests, she was surprised because instead of Jorge, her wife and partner in Los Venegas, Mónica Carrasco, arrived.

“I came from smuggling, then I explained why,” the actress told the cameras when she arrived at the doctor’s apartment. Likewise, she added that “what nerves, because I don’t know them, the pelao was ‘but the pelao’ got sick”.

When he opened the door, Helia was surprised to see Monica instead of Jorge, so he immediately asked about the actor. “She gave him bronchitis (…) he was in a ball (last night)”, commented the actress, while the former minister assured that the night before was very cold.

“Welcome, for me it is an honor, it is a pleasure,” the former minister assured her while inviting her to her home.

While greeting diners, Monica explained that “it started with terrible bronchitis, with antibiotics and everything. There is nothing worse than a sick man.”

“I feel sorry for Jorge. I know Monica, I have worked with her, she is a love, a super person. You can like her in any program, if Mónica Carrasca arrives. We were lucky, ”commented Matías Oviedo on his side.

Later, Monica commented that despite being sick, Jorge still wanted to visit Helia’s house.

“He was very happy, he wanted to come but the doctor came and said ‘no sir, you stay in bed,'” Monica concluded.

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