“He treats me as stupid”: Adriana Barrientos denounced in networks that she suffered attacks at the airport

Adriana Barrientos did not have a good time at the airport on Tuesday, as revealed on her social networks. La Leona accused that she suffered attacks after being the victim of an alleged scam in a well-known cosmetics store.

Through her Instagram stories, the model denounced that she suffered mistreatment and even aggression after a problem with the collection of a product.

“When I thought it would be a quiet day, they were scamming me by overcharging me, then I realized they canceled the sale and wanted me to sign,” the model wrote.

Along the same lines, he reported that he refused to take the product since they were not clear about what the real value was. “I did not want to take the ticket and the clerk grabs me cheaply, saying that I believe myself because I am from TV, I do not take the ticket,” Adriana assured.

“When I take out my cell phone, he unashamedly calls me stupid. I spent 50 thousand pesos there and look at the undignified, humiliating treatment they had with me. I don’t know how they knew my identity if I’m wearing a mask, glasses and a hat. Impressive”, added the model.

“I find it heavy”

After this, she shared some records of her recounting what had happened, explaining that she was at the airport because she was on her way to Antofagasta.

“I suffered attacks because I made a purchase, very honorably for 50 thousand pesos, I suffered attacks from the clerk for not wanting to sign a paper first, where I was canceling a purchase because the amount was different,” he said in the record.

He also explained that “they were charging me more money for a mascara because they were clear about how much it was worth. I did not have to assume that mistake, if it was their fault, they charged me more. Was it to treat me this way? I find it heavy, check your staff.”

Finally, she shared another story in which she pointed out that they threatened to call the PDI for having recorded inside the store.

“What bigeyes. They were going to call the PDI because I made that recording. I should call them because they were overcharging me”, concluded Adriana.

Check out the stories of Adriana Barrientos below:

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