He threw them into the water: Raquel Argandoña revealed a millionaire figure for which Priscilla Vargas and José Luis Repenning would have emigrated to Channel 13

During the night of this Tuesday, in the Star Zone they again analyzed the situation that Tu Día, a morning show on Channel 13, is facing these days that would experience several changes in the coming weeks.

Just like that, because according to corridor rumors, from the former signal of the “little angel” they would have in mind to bring together Priscilla Vargas and José Luis Repenning, a duo that shone for years in Mega, to assume the leadership of the information space.

Even Manu González threw a chip about it. “It is not that they have set conditions, but because of their experience, or because of how they saw the channel, they had a little interference in some issues (…) starting with the editorial line of the program,” the Spaniard explained in the program. Latin Zone shows.

In addition, he assured that both “felt that the morning was not very similar to current times, nor to what was needed on the screen.”

Of course, in the midst of the hard information that the communicator was delivering, Raquel Argandoña put the spoon in and revealed on the air the succulent sum for which Repe, who would be negotiating these days, and Priscilla Vargas, would have emigrated to Channel 13.

Millionaire contracts?

It was at that moment when Raquel Argandoña, a panelist from Zona de Estrellas, revealed the millionaire figure for which the journalists would have emigrated from Mega.

“I know how many luquitas they changed for,” said “Quintrala” without prior notice, who took out her notes and began to read: “Repenning earned 4 and a half million on Mega, and went to Channel 13 for 10 million,” he assured .

And on it, he leaked the same information about the situation of “Pri”. “I was earning 4 million… Oops! And he got up so early! And he also left for 10 million. Both would have a contract for 3 years”, ended the Raca.

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