“He stayed under the bed” and “Leave the country”: Gonzalo Feito’s ironic messages to Daniel Stingo

A series of messages was dedicated by the journalist Gonzalo Feito to the former conventional Daniel Stingo after the triumph of Rejection in the exit plebiscite.

On September 5, a few hours after the defeat of the Approval was confirmed, the communicator took advantage of his space in radio agriculture to touch the lawyer’s ear.

“They say that (Daniel) Stingo stayed under the bed and is not even going to do his program ‘The voice of those who are left over,'” he said on Monday.

In passing, he remembered the journalist Alejandra Valle, a colleague of Stingo in the aforementioned program. “We are going to make a cow for Alejandra Valle because she said that if she wins the Rejection, she would leave Chile,” the former CQC ironically.

With the passing of days, the also animator of Without filters he attacked the former constituent again. This time, echoing a rumor that emerged on social networks, where there is speculation about an alleged lawyer’s trip to the United States.

“Daniel Stingo leaves the country. He would be traveling to New York. I believed that he was going to go to a country the way he wanted us to go. pure capitalism. Ale Valle seems to be leaving too, ”he insisted.

Controversy with background

It should be remembered that the tension between Stingo and Feito dates back to July, when the lawyer explained why will not participate in the program hosted by the communicator on Canal Vive.

“That is not a political program. It’s a show. A copy of an Argentine program in which they like to shout. There are people who do not let others speak, it is absolutely loaded with Rejection”, assured the former panelist of Good morning to all.

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