“He sent me to do a biopsy…”: Margot Kahl revealed a great scare after being diagnosed with skin cancer

Margot Kahl had an intimate conversation this Sunday in a new chapter of Good night everyone, where she addressed in depth all these nights that she was away from television in the last 20 years.

And in that context, the iconic cheerleader revealed the complex moment she faced after being diagnosed with skin cancer.

“It was a tumor, a very localized skin cancer, and beyond the scar and the eight stitches I have on my shoulder, the truth did not go any further, and I appreciate it,” he said at the start of the talk with Eduardo Fuentes.

In addition, the former host of Good Morning Everyone revealed that she took several precautions after being affected by this health problem.

“I can never sunbathe again in my life, but at some point I got a little scared, especially before they gave me the diagnosis,” added the entertainer, who will return to “everyone’s channel” in 2022 with the program Hoy se speech.

After cardboard, Kahl told how he noticed the anomaly: he felt a fat raisin on his back.

“I took a photo, I got on the internet, I compared it with the photos that were there and I made an appointment with the dermatologist. I told him I didn’t know what it could be, and he sent me to do a biopsy and the result came out, “he said.

The cheerleader’s reflection

Of course, fortunately he managed to treat himself in time and the situation did not escalate. “Everything came out very clean, perfect, I would lie to you if I told you that I managed to live it as something very powerful, because the truth is I cannot compare it to what another person lives,” she said.

Finally, he shared a deep reflection related to the delicate moment he had to face.

“And if this were worse? What do I still have to do? What do I still have pending? Have I given enough thanks? Have I told my loved ones how much I love them? Those things go through the head, and it is a wake-up call, without a doubt to enjoy life more, complain less, to thank, and to have been lucky enough to see it immediately, “he concluded.

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