He left the jar: Gissella Gallardo confirmed Mauricio Pinilla’s romance with Gala Caldirola

After several months of rumors and hallway cahuines, the romance between Mauricio Pinilla and Gala Caldirola was finally confirmed.

Well, at least that was revealed this Thursday by Gissella Gallardo, ex-wife of the face of TVN, who went off the deep end and assured that the lovebirds have a relationship.

Everything arose in the Zona de Estrellas program, where Cecilia Gutiérrez contacted the influencer to ask her if love had knocked on her door again. This, before the speculations that arose after a posting that he made on social networks.

“Right now I am focused on the emotional stability of my children and accompanying my father and my family,” he said at the time of ruling out any possibility of a new affair.

Gissella Gallardo’s confession

Immediately afterwards, the journalist asked the bone a question: “Do you know if it is true that Mauricio is with Gala and they spent the 18th together?”, left him uneasy.

Gallardo, far from avoiding the query, surprised with his answer: “it’s true. Everyone knows that Mauricio and Gala are together”, launched the avocado sandwich.

On the other hand, he also told details of how he found out about his ex-partner’s romance.

“(Gala) He sent me to say that he is with Mauricio Pinilla. A friend of hers called me, sent by Gala, to tell me that she is with Mauricio, “he acknowledged.

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