“He informs me that I am his nanny…”: Sigrid Alegría harshly criticized her ex-partner

Sigrid Alegría used her social networks to send a harsh claim to her ex-partner for a message she sent her about her children.

The marriage between the actress and the music producer, Juan Andrés Ossandón, ended badly in 2013. The couple had two children, Baltazar and Luciano, and the actress has denounced her ex in the past for non-payment of the Alimony.

It is worth mentioning that Sigrid also has another son, Alonso, who was born as a result of her marriage to her colleague Andrés Velasco, from whom she separated in 1999.

Through her Instagram stories, the actress shared the message that her ex-partner sent her, pointing out that she could not take care of her children because she was not in the country.

Hello, I am writing to inform you that I am in Mexico City until Thursday. So this Wednesday, and exceptionally, Grandma Gaby will pick you up from school and take you to her tennis class, and then drop you off at your dad’s house (around 7 pm). On Friday, she picked me up at school at 1:30 p.m., as always, resuming the normal routine, ”said the message she sent to Sigrid.

For her part, the actress responded sharply with a harsh criticism of her ex-husband for his actions.

“He informs me that I am his nanny at the time the family court decided to give the children with him,” she wrote in the story.

Along the same lines, he added that “but he cannot and does not take care of it. He just informs me.”

Check out Sigrid Alegría’s story below:

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