“He hit me pregnant, he almost killed the bus”: Paty Cofré revealed the serious abuse she suffered from her ex-partner

This Saturday a new chapter of the Pancho Saavedra program was broadcast, I’m going to look for you. This week’s interviewee was the comedian Paty Cofré.

The ex Morande with Company He talked with the driver about different moments of his career and his personal life.

It was in this context that he revealed the mistreatment he suffered from his ex-partner and father of his son.

“I had my child alone, because the man was… he was a very abusive man with me, as he knew he had no one. One day he hit me pregnant, he almost killed my bus, “the humorist confessed.

Along the same lines, he revealed that “I had my son and he did not want to recognize him because he told me no… some horrible words.”

I'll pick you up (Channel 13)
I’ll pick you up (Channel 13)

So Pancho wondered why he wanted to give his son that man’s last name, to which Paty honestly replied that “he didn’t want my son to be ‘huacho’”.

The driver told her that it was a prejudice that existed a lot at that time, so Paty pointed out that for her, the daughter of a single mother, it was very difficult.

“When I entered television I did not dare to say my name. ‘And his last name?’, ‘So long’, ‘And the other? ‘, Oh my God, I said,’ no, I don’t have ‘”, confessed the actress.

Later, Paty assured that she was proud to have gotten ahead, but “I am more proud of my son, what I achieved with him, for that it is a payment, I do not care about everything I went through when I look at him”.

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