“He has to offer me love, stability, money…”: Angélica Sepúlveda revealed the requirements to have a relationship in the future

Angélica Sepúlveda is constantly interacting with her fans through her social networks and this time was no exception.

On this occasion, the former reality girl made a live broadcast where she talked with her followers about love relationships.

Let us remember that the “Fierecilla de Yungay” confirmed the final break of her romance with Gürsel a while ago, it is for this reason that the personality has focused on her.

“This last time I have given it to myself. There was one or another out there, some I liked more, but nothing serious. If someone shows up and moves my floor, they can change things, but today I’m having a good time, ”she commented.

The main thing for Angélica Sepúlveda to have a relationship

The former member of Granjeras was emphatic in stating that the person with whom she has a relationship in the future must follow several requirements.

“He has to take me to the altar, because I am from the old-fashioned tradition. Whoever wants to have a child with me has to offer me love, stability, money, because I’m not going to work, and marriage. So you know,” she commented.

She also said that for her, “love, trust and, above all, respect and freedom are paramount. If there is no respect and there is no freedom, it does not work for me”.

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