“He doesn’t catch me or laugh at me in my face”: China Bazán lost patience with Víctor Díaz in El Discípulo del Chef

A tough challenge faced the teams on Thursday’s episode at The Chef’s Disciple (CHV), where they had to recreate the menu of the 2018 Oscar Awards.

The Blues, led by China Bazán, were the ones who found it most difficult to meet the preparation deadline. “I don’t know if we made it,” she launched in the middle of the process.

Of course, the drama generated one or another tense moment, such as that of the chef with his pupil Víctor “Zafrada” Díaz.

“Chef, what do you have with me?” he launched in the face of Bazán’s criticism.

—Víctor, he doesn’t catch me because… as if I didn’t exist. With everything I say to him, he tells me “yes, chef, yes chef”, and then he’s lost.

-… Tell me what you want…

“I want you to finish the soup!”

—Yes, yes, yes.

“… It seems that Victor, if we win, will apply for barter,” she launched, alluding to a possible change of team.

In the middle of the competition, outside the studio, she unloaded: “It’s that Victor sometimes like, really, he doesn’t catch me, or he laughs at me in my face.” And she added: “Then I tell him ‘if you laugh at me, you’ll be threatened, you’ll be shot in the barter, I don’t know’… and he laughs, he doesn’t take me seriously.”

Lastly, she reminded two competitors to add alusa foil to one of the preparations. Víctor, attentive to that scene, took for alluded to Bazán’s words.

“I do remember, but it wasn’t on that plate,” he replied.

She made an annoyed gesture with her hands and, with a certain sarcasm, replied: “That’s right, Victor, we can count on you.”

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