“He arrives with the task of guiding this group and ends up being a problem”: Pinilla attacks Felipe Seymour for alleged leak

Juli Zeitune, panelist from ESPN Soccer Show, left the great in the University of Chile. In the station’s program, he maintained, among other things, that “Diego López is not the one who should be there, the players no longer find answers in him.” Words that could well mean just an opinion, but that took on another dimension every time it was learned that Zeitune is the partner of one of the blue captains, Felipe Seymour.

Of course, his words now seemed more like a revelation about a complicated intern and an alleged bad relationship between the Uruguayan coach and the “Romantic Traveler” players.

So much was the thing, that yesterday the secular group’s own flyer had to offer an extensive press conference, in which he clarified that “there is no leak of information. It is clearly a personal opinion (of his partner) regarding a specific topic and an opinion that I do not share.

However, Seymour continues to be the target of criticism among fans … and also analysts. This is the case of his former classmate at the University of Chile, Mauricio Pinilla, who reviewed it in Radio Agriculture:

“One thing is for the players to know it, for it to be known internally and another thing is for a player’s girlfriend to appear in the media making a statement from the captain of Universidad de Chile,” he shot.

And along the same lines, he later added that “if he said something, it is because something told him, that is the reality of things, why do we want to cover the sun with a finger and try to find other excuses that are not? Thats the reality”.

Later, the former striker for La Roja directly rebuked Seymour: “That’s why it’s worrying. He worries because Felipe is supposed to arrive with the task of guiding this group and it ends up being more of a problem than a solution.”

“The thing with Junior happened at a terrible time, the thing with Andía happened at a terrible time and this comes at the worst time,” “Pinigol” finally lamented.

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