Harry Styles referred to alleged spitting on Chris Pine during show in New York

Since mid-August Harry Styles is doing a residency at Madison Square Garden and on a break he traveled to Venice to present “Don’t Worry Darling”an instance that generated controversy due to an alleged incident with Chris Pine.

Last Monday, Styles was part of the film’s premiere at the Italian festival, but a video suggests that by sitting next to Pine, the singer would have spit on the american actor.

The next day, a representative from Pine said that is “a ridiculous story” and that it is “a complete fabrication and the result of a strange online illusion that is clearly misleading and allows for foolish speculation“.

On Wednesday, Styles returned to New York to continue his residency at MSG and joked about the alleged incident. “This is our tenth show at Madison Square Garden. It’s wonderful, wonderful, wonderful to be back in New York. I went too fast to Venice to spit on Chris Pine“, he told the audience.

“But don’t worry, we’re back!”Styles sentenced, without adding more about the alleged incident in Venice.


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