Haitian from Lo Valledor sent an unexpected message to JC Rodríguez: animator was speechless

In the prelude to the National Holidays, the journalist Tomás Cancino starred in a fun dispatch from the Lo Valledor market.

In the place, the notary of with you in the morning He talked with different vendors who came to the camera and gave an account of the products that thousands of customers have bought in the last few hours.

It was in this context that a Haitian citizen asked for a minute to send a special greeting.

“I also have a special greeting for the president, the future president who is called JC,” said the worker, alluding to Julio César Rodríguez, host of the program.

“They postulate you as president JC”, explained Cancino, while his colleague listened to him from the study.

After outlining a smile, the morning entertainer looked at Monserrat Álvarez and remained silent. “Good”, he managed to reply, clearly surprised.

Beyond the jokes, it should be remembered that, in May 2021, Julio César appeared in the Criteria survey as one of the figures that ran ahead in case of applying to La Moneda.

Of course, the journalist himself He confessed that he is not seduced by running for office for president.

“Each one contributes from their own and mine is what I do now, what I have done in my career as a journalist. I don’t see that it’s my thing now, I can’t talk about 15 more years, “she said at the time.

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