Gata Fernández: “La U is the team I should never have left”

Gaston Fernandez arrived at the University of Chile as a top signing. However, despite the fact that he added 24 games and 11 goals in the National Tournament, He did not satisfy everyone and surprisingly left the club after only one season.

Today, already retired, he reviewed in DirecTV Chile his months in Chile and left a striking phrase. “The U has been the team that I should never have left, perhaps I should have finished my career at the institution,” he confessed.

“I made mistakes. Perhaps because he was a renowned player and a foreigner who had the ’10’ on his back. I had unfortunate statements from a coach with (Víctor Hugo) Castañeda”, he added.

“The people who should lead do not have the capacity”

‘La Gata’ said to follow the news of the blue cast and, for this reason, he gave his diagnosis on the meager moment that the institution is experiencing. “I think the big problem is that the people who should lead don’t have the capacity. They want to occupy a place to show they belong to a certain power or position. Those things make me sad. It is an institution with enormous potential… It generates a great helplessness in me because I belonged to the club and they deserve much more “he expressed.

Then, the Argentine focused on this afternoon’s duel and advised the blue team. “Before Coquimbo they must understand that they are games that are played with the heart. The fans today have to be with the team and encourage, regardless of whether they don’t like what is happening”.

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