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Gamer’s Day is a special date for video game fans, as it highlights fans for their passion for adventure that goes beyond being just a hobby. In this line, a notorious division is made between two sides, who prefer monitors or televisions to play their favorite titles, raising the question of which option is better.

“In recent years, technology has made it possible to reduce the differences between the two screens, but there are still a series of exclusive characteristics of each one and, despite the fact that consoles have traditionally been designed to be played on the television, every gamer that Chileans have inside choose the type of screen depending on the game and the context in which it is being played”, explained Ariel Melnick, Marketing Manager of LG Electronics.

In this line, LG Electronics carried out a survey of almost 10,000 people in Chile, to find out what type of screen they prefer to play. The result? 60% of those surveyed prefer to use monitors, versus 40% who still keep the TV.

Why are gamers choosing monitors? A higher refresh rate results in an improved image and fewer instances of screen tearing. Modern monitors have incredibly high refresh rates, and while TVs can have them too, they often increase in cost for screen size.

The most relevant characteristics to distinguish between one or the other are its resolution and frequency. A monitor or television has a number of pixels that it can display, this corresponds to its resolution, and it is key especially for next generation hardware to prefer 4K screens over standard 1080p. On the other hand, the refresh rate will determine the number of times per second that a screen can update the image with new information. Monitors are known for their high frequency while TVs are rarer, which is why gamers always opt for 120Hz over 60Hz.

However, the new LG OLED C2 TVs feature Dolby Vision Gaming 4K at 120Hz with a 1ms response time, making for a monitor-like gaming experience, and now in sizes starting at 42 inches at www.LG. com

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