Galaxy Z Flip4: Enjoy the best design and style in the palm of your hand

People express their personality through favorite hobbies, styles of dress, and interaction with friends and family. Today more than ever, the Smartphone is also a tool for this. That is why the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 was created to represent the connected and original personality, uniting the latest and the best in technology and style.

Have you ever wondered why the new Galaxy Z Flip4 is the perfect device for those looking to enhance their experiences by maximizing self-expression and freedom? Below, find out some of the reasons that make it the perfect Smartphone for you.

Explore angles and resources

Whether it’s day or night, the Galaxy Z Flip commands attention by presenting the perfect combination of innovation and design. Its shape makes it the perfect Smartphone to keep in any pocket for greater comfort and style, since it fits perfectly in all bags, even the smallest ones that are currently super fashionable and complement incredible looks.

Flex mode will allow the device’s screen to open 90 degrees and attract curious glances. With the Z Flip4, you can also perform various functions without even opening it, such as taking photos or viewing notifications, as well as choose your favorite display options to easily access applications and customize them with different styles and colors. Best of all, you’ll be able to match with your Galaxy Watch. By changing the external screen you can customize the screen of your Smartwatch to match twice the style!

It is this same Flex Mode that makes it possible to capture the best photos, reinforcing your personal branding! You just have to place the Smartphone on any surface, with the camera facing forward, without fear of falling. Then put the camera in “Hands-free” mode and capture your best photos. You can even take hands-free selfies—just raise your palm to get the shot.

Performance Excellence

This new member of the Galaxy family not only offers users new ways to interact thanks to the unique folding mechanism, but its eye-catching design is quickly establishing the Galaxy Z Flip4 as a stylish must-have accessory while bringing together the best of both worlds.

With its versatility and innovation, Z Flip will offer you a complete operating system, with fast processing and excellent performance, in addition to supporting all the applications and games available on the Play Store, be it messaging, video and photo editing or augmented reality programs, which will give you a complete browsing experience.

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