Gala Caldirola reacted to the controversial video of Mauricio Pinilla

Mauricio Pinilla has given much to talk about in the last few hours, as a result of a video where he appears with Natthy Chilena, a well-known escort.

This has generated various reactions among netizens and also in the faces of our national celebrity, such as Gala Caldirola, the model with whom the former soccer player would allegedly have an affair.

In this context, Laura Prieto, revealed the Spanish opinion to the video that featured the former national team player, through her program I beat.

The revelation of Laura Prieto

The former member of I will resistmaintains a close friendship with the ex-wife of Mauricio Isla and said that “he has never seen Gala with Mauricio”, thus ruling out all the rumors involving Caldirola and Pinilla.

Prieto also confessed that the former participant of would you get back with your exactually saw the films, like the users of the social networks and pointed out that the Spanish woman does not care.

“Gala is very focused on her work, her daughter and her family. She stressed it to me and I know that. She is single, ”she sentenced.

“So many things have been speculated about Gala, as a friend I feel deep admiration, she is a very hard-working woman, she has to be fighting against prejudice and with this (Pinilla’s video) zero future,” said the panelist, closing any type of possibility to a future romance between them.

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