“Gafo”, “ridiculous” and “silly”: Diosdado Cabello insults President Boric for a speech in which he mentioned the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela

The Venezuelan deputy and number 2 of Chavismo, Diosdado Cabello, hurled insults against President Gabriel Boric, whom he called “gafo”, “ridiculous” and “silly”, after he mentioned in his speech before the United Nations Organization (UN) the humanitarian crisis that Venezuela is suffering.

During his speech in New York, Boric addressed the massive migrations of Venezuelans to different countries. “The humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, as a result of its prolonged political crisis, has generated a migratory flow that is unprecedented in our region and in our country, putting tremendous pressure on our institutions and our society”affirmed the President, which generated the annoyance of the Venezuelan political figure.

In the program “Con el mazo giving” on YouTube, Cabello assured that his country is being attacked “from all sides”, which, in his opinion, would be a common situation in international meetings such as the UN.

“What do they do, to continue attacking our country. To the Bolivarian revolution, to continue attacking those of us who remain at the forefront of the revolution, in this battle, starting from the president on down. They believe that with that they are going to surrender us,” began Cabello, who assured that the sanctions against Venezuela have affected the population of his country.

“They attack us from all sides, what do I know. We are standing here with our people, advancing (…) to be more with less (…) Now, from there to what are we going to give up because in the UN a fool like Boric came out to talk nonsense about Venezuela? You’re wrong. gafo. He goes out to speak ill of Venezuela having so many problems in his country”were part of Cabello’s statements on her show.

According to the member of the National Assembly of Venezuela, President Boric faces problems due to “a historical debt with the Mapuche populations and what he does is go out and persecute them.”

“They were declared terrorists and they do nothing, a people that only claims what belongs to them or a war against high school students who only ask for their right to study,” he said.

Along the same lines, Diosdado Cabello asserted that “he (Boric) goes there to speak ill of Venezuela to look good with the gringos, it is very ridiculous.” In addition, in his opinion, if Venezuela were close to the United States “he would not have attacked us.”

“If we were negotiating the surrender of Venezuela, no one would have attacked us. Boric would not have gone there to speak ill of Venezuela, nor does he mention us, because they would have told him ‘don’t say anything little puppy’, because they are going to surrender, they are going to capitulate”, said Cabello.

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