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Do you want to give your character a special touch with the collaboration of Justin Bieber? The Magic Roulette comes offering the exclusive Musical Walk emote and the Biebs Mural wall gloo. Both items are part of one of several Luck Royale events and you have until September 5th to get the gifts. Prepare your diamond account, because you will need to make several investments according to your luck.

The most outstanding rewards of the event are the exclusive Musical Walk emote Y the wall gloo Mural Biebs, but note that these giveaway cosmetic items will not help you win matches, as they have no effect on attacks or combat items. Weapon skins, for example, do offer better stats.

According to the information available in Garena’s Battle Royale, participants will have to invest 9, 29, 49, 99, 199, 299, 399 and 499 diamonds per spin. It happens that with each spin, the price increases sharply.

Before turning, the player of You will be able to remove two unwanted prizes (except the jackpot) to increase your chances of getting the reward you want.

You can check in this image what are the secondary prizes that you can get in the event.

News in Free Fire
News in Free Fire

FREE FIRE | Weekly agenda from September 1 to 6

  • Thursday, September 1, 2022: new elite pass (Abyss Predators) and royale weapons
  • Friday September 2, 2022: diamond royale
  • Saturday, September 3, 2022: Special Royale Gold, Lucky Groza, and Ancient Recharge
  • Monday September 5, 2022: magic roulette
  • Tuesday September 6, 2022: incubator bonus

The New Abyss Predators Elite Pass is coming up with new Abyss Jaw and Fin skins! The Magic Roulette will arrive with the new Golden Scales skin. And as if that were not enough, we will have an Incubator Bonus!”, details the development company about the first event in September.

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